Christopher Schacht


Christopher Schacht

Christopher Schacht, born in 1993, grew up in the village of Sahms, near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Over a four-year period he traveled to more than forty-five countries and covered more than sixty thousand miles: walking and hitchhiking, and not once using a plane (who knew you can hitchhike across oceans?). His only provisions were an adventurous spirit, a positive attitude, a bright smile, and the willingness to embrace what lay ahead—whatever people, traditions, cuisine, and work opportunities came his way.

In his travels Christopher encountered many different cultures, fascinating landscapes, dangerous adventures, great hospitality—and the Maker of all the greatness. He also met the love of his life, Michal. Returning to Germany in September 2017, Christopher began to study theology, and in June 2018, he and Michal were married.

Christopher’s father is a Lutheran minister, and Christopher has two siblings—a twin brother (who is his exact opposite!) and a younger sister. After graduation Christopher had a full college scholarship in computer science waiting for him, but he decided instead to embark on a trip around with world with only fifty euros in his pocket, no credit cards, no backup plan, and no schedule or itinerary. Around the World on 50 Bucks is his story about his unusual journey, and it was an instant success in Germany.

Christopher and Michal are now ready to face whatever new adventure life has in store for them.

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